Sterling Immigration is one of the best international immigration lawyer firms with our own professional legal and business development team in U.K., Canada and HK.  We focus on immigration issues in Canada, U.K. and U.S. as well as the residency by investment in some European and Mediterranean countries with a lot of accreditations and track records

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Sterling Immigration is a well-established international immigration law firm.  We serve our clients from all different walks across the globe to help all the needs of Canada, U.K., U.S., E.U. and Mediterranean Countries immigration issues.  Our lawyers are highly skilled professionals who know how to tackle difficult immigration challenges and have extensive experiences of filing successful immigration applications.  



We were rated the “BEST OF CANADIAN IMMIGRATION LAW OFFICE” in Vancouver for 2015, 2016 and 2017. These awards were based on our success rates and customer satisfaction.  With Sterling, you can be assured that your immigration application process will be managed in an efficient and professional manner.  Regardless of how large or small your immigration problems may be, our firm is here to assist you in every single step of the way.


Sterling Immigration

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Sterling Overseas Immigration Consultant


Natalia Zavarov

Russia/United Kingdom

Quebec Investor Visa

I found the Canadian immigration process confusing and overwhelming and had a bad experience with my previous lawyer. Sterling Immigration stepped in and dealt with my case expertly. They eased my concerns and maintained an open and transparent line of communication so I was always of aware of the progress or issues in my case. To Sterling Immigration I would to say thank you for providing such an exceptional level of service and I would also like to apologise for my endless questions! 





Peter Hudson

United Kingdom

Canada BC Entrepreneur Immigration

We tried to tackle the Canadian immigration process ourselves but found it too complicated and needed to seek out an expert who could represent us with a business immigration application. Sterling Immigration helped us throughout the process with settlement plans, travel itineraries, business plans as well as the immigration process. Communication was great throughout and the team were always contactable. We recommend Sterling Immigration to anyone interested in moving to Canada.




為了兩個子女的學業及希望一家人有個舒適的生活環境,我在這幾年找過好幾間移民顧問公司幫我申請移民。但因為條件不合適的原故,顧問費用花了,可是申請都失敗。直至朋友介紹我找史達寧移民,律師 Harjit 細心翻看我的個案,了解我的失敗原因,最後建議我申請加拿大的 Manitoba Business Program。想不到不用半年我一家的移民申請已經成功批核,現在正準備為子女在加拿大選擇學校及找居所,非常感謝 Harjit 及團隊達成我的移民願望。

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A record number of Hongkongers migrated to Canada last year in the biggest influx to the country since the 1997 handover, while more mainlanders made a similar trek despite the scrapping of a popular migrants scheme, the Post has learned...

January 16, 2016

Secure Canadian permanent residence with a $100,000 investment. Really? That is what most of you see in the advertisements and wonder how it might be possible to gain permanent legal status in Canada with just a $100,000 investment.

Record 7,600 sought abode elsewhere last year

January 01, 2020

A record number of Hong Kong people left the city last year, official data show. About 7,600 emigrated, a three-year record high. It represented a rise of 8.6 percent from 2015, the Security Bureau ...

January 25, 2017

ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland — At the College of the North Atlantic here, a young Chinese woman stood discussing her future with two fellow students, a Bangladeshi man and a Korean woman, amid a flow of mostly pale Newfoundlanders in down coats and hoodies heading for class...

January 16, 2017

A new pathway to the U.S. will open up for foreign entrepreneurs in July.

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